Why would we develop another new CRM catering for the Education and Immigration Industry in Australia?  Well after doing a broad survey of migration and education agents it was found that the vast majority are using a variety of manual paper based systems,  spreadsheets and home grown database applications none of which are suitable to efficiently manage the increasingly complex demands of the visa applicants and students alike.

The shortcomings of manual spreadsheets on local systems are:

  1. No adequate backups resulting in data loss
  2. Not cloud based making it difficult to access records from a number of users
  3. Not contain important immigration business rules.
  4. Not allow the management of education institutions
  5. Cumbersome to manage and keep adequate records
  6. Loss of business through lack of proper follow up

With the above in mind Immisys decided that it was time to replace all these systems with a modern cloud based system to address all the above shortcomings.

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