We are excited to announce the addition of calendar function to Immisys after months of development.

The difference between Immisys Calendar and your Google / Outlook calendar is that Immisys calendar is fully integrated with your client data base.  You could send a calendar invitation to your clients by simply typing their names. Once a calendar entry is linked to a client, you could easily jump to the client’s detail page by clicking a link on your calendar.  For example, if your assistant has made an appointment for you, there will be no need for you wondering who this client is.  Simply click the client’s name on the calendar and you will be taken to the client’s detail page.

This is just another example that at ImmiSys, we never stand still.  We work around the clock making your professional life easier.

At this stage, calendar is still at its Beta stage,  your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Team Immisys

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