I have been practicing as a migration agent for 7 years but have been in the international recruitment and relocation industry for over 10. Seek Migration is located in Melbourne with 2 registered migration agents and 2 administrative officers. Our Manila office employs a further 5 staff members.

Moving to Immisys was undoubtedly the right decision for us on several factors:

Being an online platform is extremely convenient, no installation or backups needed- I can be on any device, in any location. For someone who travels often, portability and accessibility are a must.   In addition, this system allows us to work in a more collaborative manner with our overseas branch which is extremely necessary for efficient operation between two offices.  File note notifications, reminders and deadlines allowed us to communicate and remind each other on pertinent case matters. Access to case correspondence such as emails, case file notes and milestones allows us to work as a team as we can still assist a client even if the staff member handling the case is away.

As a Business with multiple users this proved to be the most cost effective option for us.  The previous program we used was quite costly each time a new user is added, and each time a new device required installation.

As the Manager of both offices, the dashboard is my favourite. It provides me with an overall snapshot of how we are going as a whole business on a monthly basis. It tracks our new cases and enrollments, as well as upcoming deadlines, reminders and visa expiry dates. I used this to track targets and set KPIs

Support and Functionality:
We have dedicated support officer who is always available for us when we have questions or need trouble shooting.

It is evident that Immisys is designed and tailored by a Migration agent for Migration agents. It is a well thought-out enterprise, and most of all, the team at Immisys welcome input and suggestions from its users like us.

I can think of many features and enhancements that I can praise with this system- but there would be too many to write!


Elaine Nunez- Caguioa     Director – Seek Migration

Elaine Nunez- Caguioa
Seek Migration
We came across ImmiSys in early 2016 when we were searching for better solutions to manage our growing client database. After having compared several immigration software on the market, we finally decided on ImmiSys because of its ease of use and flexibility allowing users to customize. After having used ImmiSys for over a year now,  we are very satisfied with the investment we made.  We have multiple offices across Australia and overseas.  ImmiSys makes it possible for us all to work on the same platform. ImmiSys is very powerful and can handle every aspect of our business process from opportunity management, case milestones, document lists to invoicing and client account management. We highly recommend Immisys.
Australian Migration and Recruitment Consulting

Immisys is the best system we have used by far.  It has made a huge impact to the efficiency of our practice. Its powerful task allocation module allows managers to assign various client specific or administrative tasks to their team and easily follow them through to completion.  I certainly could not work without ImmiSys.

Tracy Liu Practice Manager MMIA
VisaMaster Immigration & Education Centre

Before using ImmiSys,  our company used two separate software, one for migration clients and the other one for education clients. It was not an efficient way of managing our business.  We started with ImmiSys by using its education module only and now we use ImmiSys to manage both our immigration and education clients.   All our staff love ImmiSys, It has made our life much easier. I highly recommend ImmiSys.

TWGG Migration and Eduation

Immisys is no doubt the future for Australian Immigration and education practice management system. The Immisys team are continually working hard  and adding new features each and every month. A must have for all migration and education agents to increase their efficiency. Highly recommended!

Raju KC
Koala Solutions / Director

Clearly designed by those who actually use the system, immisys is truly cloud based practice management software for immigration professionals. It’s the only software of the three on the market that caters education agents and – in my experience - is the only one of the three on offer that responds to feature requests or support enquiries with comprehensive follow up or implementation.

It’s true, immisys isn’t the magnificent utopia imagined by all practitioners, but it is clearly the culmination of some significant  research and testing. Here’s why:

1,  It’s truly cloud based. So no loading the system from your PC or laptop that has the program installed on it, and no Firefox ESR to make certain functions work. Immisys actually works on your Mac, PC, iPad or tablet if you want, which means it’s actually mobile office tech;

2,  It’s the only one of three to offer education module integration, with tracking for education enrolments, commissions and sub-agents;

3,  The team respond to feature requests like nobody’s business. No less than 6 of my requests have been implemented in 12 months, whereas I couldn’t get a reply from one provider who’s access point went down for 24 hours;

4,  It’s customisable. No, not everything – but it’s incredibly flexible with milestones, templates, checklists and more – a very intuitive way to manage ones practice.

Even if the other two providers that I previously tried offered free access I would remain with immisys, they are clearly focused on best practice.

Immisys – listening to your future….

Jason Watt
U Migrate Australia