Kindly be advised some new functions have been added to the Immisys:

  1. Accounts with administrator right can now change their own login email without requesting support from ImmiSys;
  2. Users can now add GST inclusive amounts when creating a commission invoice;
  3. By default, users will not be allowed to permanently delete files from Recycle Bin unless otherwise authorised by their administrator.

We have just redesigned contact pages, the most frequently used page in ImmiSys.  The page now includes 5 tabs:  un-allocated, prospect, client, archived and all. Unallocated Tab is for the contacts channelled from Client Self Registration and Lead Generation Page on your own website.  If the ownership of an unallocated contact is taken by a staff member, then it automatically moves to Prospect Tab. Following that, if at least one case or enrolment is added to the prospect, then it automatically moves to Client Tab.  You can move any of these contacts to Archived Tab by marking them as Archived on the Edit contact page.   We believe it is a much neater and cleaner layout.  To explain how it works, I have just uploaded a Youtube video.  Please visit the link below to watch.  Please ensure you click Subscribe before you leave our Youtub channel so that you will be notified when we upload our next tutorial video.  Thank you.

By popular demand, a new feature has been added to ImmiSys allowing multiple email accounts to be set up in a single ImmiSys user account.  You will notice that you now have the option to choose which email account to use when composing an email.  This especially addresses the needs of some users who use different email accounts for different purposes. For example, they use one email address for their clients and another dedicated email address for all correspondence with the Department.  To set up your email account, please choose menu option Settings –> Mail setup.

We are excited to announce the addition of calendar function to Immisys after months of development.

The difference between Immisys Calendar and your Google / Outlook calendar is that Immisys calendar is fully integrated with your client data base.  You could send a calendar invitation to your clients by simply typing their names. Once a calendar entry is linked to a client, you could easily jump to the client’s detail page by clicking a link on your calendar.  For example, if your assistant has made an appointment for you, there will be no need for you wondering who this client is.  Simply click the client’s name on the calendar and you will be taken to the client’s detail page.

This is just another example that at ImmiSys, we never stand still.  We work around the clock making your professional life easier.

At this stage, calendar is still at its Beta stage,  your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Team Immisys

Following a successful launch in Victoria, Immisys has now performed a national rollout across all states and territories.  We are gathering more customers and with we value your suggestions for improvements so we can make the system even better. Until the end of 2018 we are offering a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the product simply tell us within 30 days and you will receive your money back no questions asked.